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As long as you according to the website order system , you will complete order successfully.  If you don't know how to order, please see our shopping guide. If you still don't understand, you can ask Hagan for help. :)


Purchase procedures:


1. Our system supports non member orders, but create a new account, you will get an integral for each order, you can use the integral deducted cash.


2. Log in to your account.


3. Select the product, select the size you want to add to the cart.


4. Repeat the 3rd step until you finish all the products you want to add to the cart ,enter shopping cart.

    In the shopping cart, you can modify the number of products.

    If you want to Continue Shopping, please click Continue shopping.


5. Fill in your order information, the address you enter will be where your product delivery to. If you are sending this order to your customer, please fill in the address of your customer and fill in your own email to receive the order information and tracking number.


6. Choose you want Shipping Method. If your country does not support DHL and EMS, please note the most suitable way for you in the order message.


7. Choose you want Payment Method. Our credit card payment option is only support maximum value $300 order. Greater than $300 order, please choose the Western Union or MoneyGram.


8. If you have a coupon, apply it!


9. Double check your order information, make sure the items and address infromation is correct and then Check Out. And then the system will generate your order number and automatically send the invoice to your mailbox. 

   If you choose credit card method, you will enter the credit card payment website. 

   If you use Western Union or MoneyGram method ,please pay according to order invoice.


10. If you do not receive an invoice or have any questions, please ask Hagan for help or email us:awesomeshoes66@gmail.com


Thanks and best regards

Yours Hagan

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